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God Is Great | Thank God | “The True Love of God” | Praise the Lord (Best Christian Music Video

We love You, Almighty God! We’ll never leave You!
It’s God’s tender words that
water and nourish me to grow up.
It’s His stern words that encourage me to stand up again.
God, we sing to You today ’cause of Your blessings.
We give praise to You today.


Eastern Lighting |The Church of Almighty God |New Life in the Kingdom – “Right Here, Right Now, We Get Together”

Right here, right now, we get together; a gathering of people loving God.
Without bias, closely attached, happiness and sweetness filling our hearts.
Yesterday we left regret and guilt; today we understand each other, live in God’s love.
Together, so happy we are, free from flesh. Brothers, sisters, love each other; we are family.

Eastern Lighting |Worship God in Spirit and in Truth | “The Heart’s Voice of a Created Being” (Christian Music Video)

I wanted to cry, but no place felt right.
I wanted to sing, but no song was found.
I wanted to express the love of a created being.
Searching high and low, but no words could say, could say just how I feel.
Practical and true God, the love inside my heart.
I lift my hands in praise, I rejoice that You came into this world.

Almighty God, The church of Almighty God, Eastern Lightning,

The Hymn of Life Experience “All Nations and All Peoples Praise Almighty God”

God was incarnated as Almighty God, expressing the truth to judge and purify man.
Now God has gained victory over the forces of Satan, God has conquered and gained a group of people.
Praise God, almighty and wise, He has defeated Satan.
Praise God, His righteous disposition has been completely revealed.
All come to praise Almighty God, the lovely and practical God.
We praise God, humble and hidden, He is so lovely!
Praise You, Almighty God (praise God)! All come to praise You (praise You)!
Praise You, Almighty God! All come to praise You!