How to Know God Incarnate | Christian Song | “Only by Working in the Flesh Can God Gain Mankind”

God comes as a model, so man can see and touch Him, see and be gained by Him.
Being gained by God means to follow His example as man’s perfect model.
Follow the practical God, live a normal humanity,
keep His words and demands, fully keep what He says,
and achieve what He asks, then you will be gained by God.


Eastern Lightning |The God Almighty Is My Lord, My God | Christian Song “Our God Reigns as King”

How beautiful! His feet are on the Mount of Olives.
Listen, we watchmen are singing loud together, for God has returned to Zion.
We’ve seen the desolation of Jerusalem!
Now we sing of joy for God’s comforts, and His salvation of Jerusalem.
Before all nations, God shows His holy arm, He appears as He truly is.
People on the earth, all see God’s salvation.
Your great love has held us fast,
Your sacred word pierces us through and through.
Almighty God! Thanks be to You, praise unto You!
Father everlasting, Prince of Peace, our God reigns as King over all!
Out from the throne of Almighty God,