A Hymn of God’s Words “Only God Incarnate Can Thoroughly Save Mankind” | The Church of Almighty God

When God incarnate comes to do His work on earth, man’s faulty notion of Him will forever be laid bare, because the normality and reality of God incarnate is the opposite of man’s vague, mythical idea of Him. It’s only through this contrast that man’s old concept of God is revealed.


A Hymn of God’s Words “Pure Love Without Blemish” | The Church of Almighty God

Love is a pure emotion, pure without a blemish. Use your heart, use your heart to love and feel and care. Love doesn’t set conditions or barriers or distance. Use your heart, use your heart to love and feel and care. If you love you don’t deceive, grumble, turn your back, look to get something in return. If you love you’d sacrifice, accept hardship and be one with God in harmony.

Eastern Lighting |A Hymn of God’s Words “The Significance of God’s Two Incarnations”

God began His work of salvation in the Age of Grace, after the end of the Age of Law. The first incarnation redeemed man from sin through the flesh of Jesus Christ. He saved man from the cross, but man’s satanic dispositions lingered on. In the last of days, God judges to purify mankind. It’s only when this is done will He end His work of salvation and enter into rest.

Eastern Lighting |Resolve to be Born Again |”Offer Love to God” (Official Music Video)

God took on flesh, came to live among us.
Through all disgrace and shame, He gave us salvation.
But I did not know or understand Him, full of grumbles.
How His heart grieved at my rebellion and resistance!
Dear Almighty God, You don’t remember my faults.
You’ve endured all my rebellious ways but offer grace once again.
Knowing You raise me up, I’m covered with great shame.
How unworthy I am to receive Your love!