Eastern Lightning |The Hymn of God’s Word |God Is Seeking Your Heart and Your Spirit

He wants to seek
your spirit and your heart.
He wants to bring you food and water.
He wants to wake you up.
And when you are feeling weary,
Almighty God, the Watcher,
will embrace your arrival any time.

returned to Zion;throne of Almighty God;hymn

The Hymn of God’s Word | Our God Reigns as King

Almighty God! Thanks be to You,
praise unto You!
Father everlasting, Prince of Peace,
our God reigns as King over all!
With a heart sincere,
serene, and faithful,
we look up to You,
bear witness to You,
raise You up, sing praise to You.
We construct ourselves
in united harmony.
May You make us ones
pleasing to You,
fit to be used by You.
May Your will
be carried out on earth,