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Eastern lightning |What is the difference between wheat and tares?

Wheat means the sons and the people, because before the creation of the world I added to these people My quality. Because I have said before man’s nature does not change, wheat will always be wheat.


Most people in our church cannot tell the difference between being discerning with people and judging people. I’d like to ask, with regard to dissecting and discerning the God-defying essence of the pastors and elders, and calling them the Pharisees of the present age, is this not judging people?

All of God’s words are to be understood by men. We see through the hypocritical substance of the Pharisees, and God says “Woe to the Pharisees,” and with that we say “Amen,” and we obey. Why do we say “Amen” and obey? Because we are now able to discern.

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Question 1: Living abroad, we are quite busy with our work and with things at home and sometimes we don’t have time to read God’s words or attend meetings. I feel that this is not putting God first, however, and I feel in my heart that I owe God. I’d like to ask how we can find a better balance between our work, our families and seeking the truth?

Almighty God says :”Awaken, brothers! Awaken, sisters! My day will not be delayed; time is life, and to seize time is to save life!”

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“The Lord Jesus has returned to the flesh”: this good news has already spread across the Chinese mainland. The name of Christ of the last days Almighty God has spread to every home in China, reached every household. Everybody knows. Now it spreads around the world, openly testifying that Almighty God is the second coming of the Savior, the one true God appearing to men.