Why Is the Religious World Always Frantically Resisting and Condemning God’s New Work?

’s clear to see that regardless of whether it is the religious world of Judaism in its time or the religious figures from the various denominations and sects of today, the reason that they are able to time and again resist God, the truth and the true way…


Where Does Eastern Lightning Come From?

God wishes to have all the people in the universe see His deeds, that all faiths will become one, worshiping the Creator. Then He will let all those who truly seek God’s appearance and follow His footsteps achieve purity and attain salvation.

God's authority; Eastern Lightning; the truth

The Church of Almighty God |God’s Authority (I) Part Three

He intended to manage mankind, and rule mankind, He intended to save mankind, intended to truly gain mankind, to gain a mankind that could govern all things, and He intended to make such a mankind live under His authority, and know His authority, and obey His authority. Thus, God began to officially express His authority among man using His words, and began to use His authority to realize His words.